Great Service: Print What You Like

Print What You LikeEver wanted to print out a web page and just include the good stuff, not the navigation and ads? Here is the tool for you: Print What You Like.

I’m working on an eCommerce website that uses WooCommerce. Great shopping cart! The only downside is that their user guide is online in the form of a wiki, meaning others can add their tips to the guide. Great idea… except if you want to print it out in a book to give your client.

Initially thought I could scrape the user guide to easily create a pdf, but it was anything but easy (unless you have Adobe Acrobat – which I didn’t have on the computer I was using at the time). Then, did a few searches on how to create a pdf file from a wiki and found Print What You Like. It’s still a manual process, but it works like a charm.

To use the service, you highlight exactly which parts of a web page you want to print and can save it to a pdf. If you want more than one web page in your pdf, there’s an Add Page function. You just keep adding pages until you have everything you want and then convert it to a pdf. You can even perform formatting changes.

Print What You Like is a free, advertising-support service. The ads are not bothersome and are actually relevant.  Made my day 🙂

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