Auto Parts Online Store Launched To Save On eBay Fees

Heaters for Cars, Boats, Trucks, Marine, Tractors WebsiteBusy first of the new year at Suski Web Design includes launching A Grand Blanc manufacturer who sells their automotive air conditioning parts and heaters through eBay contracted with me to build their own online store.

They have a great product line with parts that come in handy for anyone who owns a vehicle in Michigan:

  • Block Heaters – Keeps engines warm in cold temperatures and eliminates cold start engine damage.
  • Battery Heaters – Easy installation and extends battery life by reducing the strain of cold weather starts. (I think I need one of those for my 1996 Jag! It’s not getting much use these days since I drive a 2013 Volt.)
  • Cooling System Heaters – Just get in and go with a warm engine and a heater that blows warm air.
  • RV Truck Bus Interior Heaters, Marine Interior Heaters, Auto Interior Heaters, Engine Oil Heaters, Hydraulic Fluid Heaters, Transmission Fluid Heaters, Diesel WVO Bio Fuel Heaters, and Heater Accessories

The folks at Auto Cooling Solutions are enthusiastic about building their online business and they roll up their sleeve to add products to the website and market online.

The shopping cart I put in the site allows them to manage the products and add content. It uses a responsive layout, which means the website re-sizes to accommodate large screens as well as smart phones without having to duplicate content. Have questions about a part? There’s an ‘Ask a Question’ link on each product page.

Buy local and visit!

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