“Your Google Maps Listing Is Not Set Up Right” and Other Scams

I work with small business owners who are bombarded with phone calls from “SEO experts” who tell them their website is not search engine friendly even though the caller has not even bothered to visit the site. They are nothing but slick salespeople who want to mislead business owners for a fast buck.

Today, however, takes the cake! I got a call and the voicemail recording was, “This is Larry Young *from* Google and I’m calling about your Google Maps listing because it is not set up right. Please call me at 800-838-7969 extension 23895, it will take about fifteen minutes.” I was incredulous and googled the phone number. Of course, it’s a scam.  The bottom line is scammers get bolder by the day. If I help one business owner with this post, it’s a great day 🙂

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