New Media – Old Tricks

Just read an article the reinforces the benefits of multi-channel approaches to maximize results from digital marketing campaigns. 

“Social prospecting … rules are similar to other direct marketing methods: Give people a reason to connect and get as much access to communicate with them as you can. Instead of accumulating likes, follows and pluses that do little to grow your business, use the platforms to capture email addresses so you can connect with customers and prospects on a one-to-one basis.”

I would add collecting text message opt-ins as well to future-proof the efforts. Read the article.

Related to using a multi-channel approach is 2012 data about how people share information. Check out this chart that shows 63% send an email, 33% put it on Facebook, 29% call on the phone, 6% put it on their blog and 5% use Twitter.

An effective digital strategy for most businesses includes a website with SEO built in, email, social media and mobile. Get those in place, track the results, and supplement them with targeted advertising on and offline to meet your business goals. Strategize, execute, measure, revise and repeat 🙂

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