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Here’s my best to explain in layman’s terms why your website analytic reports are showing less details in regards to specific keyword data.

(Quick glossary: Secure means encrypted and you can tell by the “https” in your web browser’s URL address bar)

With Google’s fairly recent privacy changes, searches done by people who are signed into their Google account are secure. What they type into the search box to find your website will show up as “not provided” in your analytics reports. Ouch, we’re used to knowing the exact phrase visitors type into search engines to find your website.

Think this will have much of an effect? Consider the unprecedented rise in searches performed on smart phones alone. People who search using their Android phone are constantly signed into their Google account by default. Add in Gmail users and YouTubers and the numbers add up quickly. In addition to Google, Twitter now has secure searching by default. (Update: Now Firefox plans to roll out secure search.)

This is huge if you’re a savvy marketer who uses keyword data to adjust your online marketing efforts.

What can you do? Good question. One analytics provider now separates out encrypted searches from unencrypted searches, that’s a help. I’ve also read recommendations to make your entire website secure which means installing an SSL certificate and use https throughout the website.  By the way, https is not just for ecommerce, you need https to pull website content into your Facebook page. Lastly, Adwords clients will still get all keyword data, encrypted and unencrypted – yes, Google is rewarding their advertising clients.

If tracking traffic and conversions from search engines is a priority for your business, contact me to schedule an appointment to review your web analytics.


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