Snake Oil & SEO Companies, alias We’re a ‘Google Partner’

One reason I went into the web design business in the 90’s was because when I opened an invoice from my current webmaster, I had that sinking feeling that I was being taken for a ride. I went back to college, took programming classes, and then enrolled in Penn State’s first-ever Webmaster Certificate program.

These days, the most prevalent examples of companies who take business owners for a ride are the SEO companies who make grandiose claims.

Sadly, many small businesses get a quick ‘n dirty site going and wonder why they don’t get any business from it. In swoops SEO companies. They say for a monthly fee ($99+) they can get you top rankings on Google and Google Places.  They impress you with incredible stats, etc. My clients are educated enough to just hang up the phone, however if you’re tempted to listen to their spiel, do yourself a favor and download this free eBook: How to Spot Bad SEO Services.

The first sign is “Making promises that are too good to be true”. Google warns against making such promises in their Search Engine Guidelines, saying, “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.”

The bottom line is business owners can get the best results for their online marketing investment by working with a web designer who is experienced with the big picture from day one – think an online / digital presence, not just a website.

Want more info? Check out “The top 10 SEO myths”.


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