I think buzzwords are annoying, but nevertheless, some people think the person spewing the latest phrase is a guru. Here are a few you can use to impress your friends:

  • Mocial – the convergence (now there’s a $0.25 word) of social media, mobile web, location-based marketing and email for starters
  • Transmedia Design – designing for mobile, tablets, TVs and extreme screen sizes
  • F-commerce – ecommerce on Facebook
  • The Freemium Business Model – offering your product for free, and charging your more committed customers for premium services
  • Socio-Pathetic Marketing – pathetic attempts at social marketing
    • Setting up a “group” rather than an “Official Page” for your business on Facebook
    • Not setting up a LinkedIn Page for your company
    • Linking your Facebook personal page, twitter and Linkedin posts can be either good or bad.
    • Over or under posting, tweeting and updating
    • Incomplete profile information


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