Opt Out of SEO at Your Own Peril – courtesy of High Rankings


I’ve followed Jill Whalen of High Rankings off and on for years. She’s considered an industry expert on search engine optimization and generously shares her knowledge of best practices.

Her most recent article is “Opt Out of SEO at Your Own Peril”. She does a great job of explaining that search engine optimization techniques must be “baked in” from the start for any website that cares about getting found online. I couldn’t agree more and have practiced this for years!

A few weeks ago, the office manager of one my clients asked for my opinion on paying for a service to “get them at the top of the search engine rankings”. Apparently, one of her employees is in a networking group with a salesperson for this service. Keyword research shows that most searches for a veterinarian/animal health facility use the word, “vet”.  A quick Google of “vet” in their city showed that they were already the first organic (and local) listing. I was so glad the manager asked me about it before they shelled out big bucks to a smooth-talking salesman!

Sometimes a little voodoo helps, but without question, if the website has a good semantic structure, quality content, and a webmaster who does their search engine homework for you, your site will do well in organic rankings.

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